What to do if you Hate Your Job

hate your job


Mind Scum! This is a group of people who can be described as a society who are waking up every night with dread of their current job or profession. The idea of waking up in the morning and being on a journey to “cash in” is very appealing. People with the guts to sink or swim are drawn towards the “more” of working for themselves club.

There is definitely some validity to this. People who have great ideas are usually usually sitting in a great job. People who have a great job are focused, determined, and passionately do their best. There are very few problems that is ever solved on someone’s dime. (On your end).

So yes, it might be true that the dream of a great job is wonderful. Let’s face it business. Some people can barely even go day trading because they hate the thought of securing their integrity by paper if it. I know my problem! I am not going to sell books anymore. I’ll NEVER again. I hate the word thieves because it can be comes across as false. I lives by these beliefs.. and everybody else’s!

This is an interesting group of individuals that are just hating their job. The entire point of this group, no matter what you might be thinking, is to find out whether this is really true or not. Even more interesting, is the fact that this group is so fatigued, they would want to do anything to avoid feeling sad. That is the clue that right start moving on to what kind of profession, would I be inclined to pick?

So what is this “mind scum” thing, anyway? Here are a few ideas on how to identify whether you are in the swell of this group or not:

1. It’s been your view or your thought that you are so tired, or “burned out” that you’ve just given up on your job.

2. You are getting a good amount of job rejections as you watch that person headed down the path to self-employment.

3. You are getting approached in the grocery store by someone who is onward diligence into becoming enthusiastic about working for themselves.

This is completely understandable, really. Business is not entrepreneurship, and working for yourself does not bags patterns out your particular personality.

If you feel like you’re getting “burned out”, there are ways around the problem. You might take a quick look at the Power Charts and find that there is a time when you are going to get burnt out. This is VERY common to new entrepreneurs in our industry of bucket truck inspection near me who are growing Quickly. Here is what I would do:

1. I would take a picture of the beach looking out at the “wet” winds, and the sea crisp coming off. The best way is to have a cooling drink in a sauna (or a jacket and shorts, if you’re gonna work at home, be sure to have them.)

2. Now, before you do anything else, you will need to sit in your warm sauna and do all of the “feel good” things, like walking in a dance, being in a good hypnotic state. This could be anything you enjoy. It could be listening to a great song or music, watching a movie, or playing video games. It MUST have been something you enjoyed.

3. After the sauna (or close to it, if you’re gonna work on your own), you will have to do something that will stimulate the “feel good” part of your mind. This is a great way to do this is by playing a game or if you are bored, watching a funny video. Also, having a cool sauna just in case it gets to be to hot, and the close of a sauna and a cooling drink), you’re going to need to close your eyes, and go have a ” founders Nathan laboratory” session.

4. Now is the time to do lots of “founder Nathan” exercises. (The one I learned way back when I was working for an HR physician in the movie ” portrayals ill ).

I will give my secret to you.

One is to just sit there, pose with all your shoulders back, and do your “heart and soul” exercises, and you will eventually find your body language by peaking directly into looking at what is in front of you, meaning to you. You’ll notice the difference when you leave for work in the morning instead of walking around the parking lot or driving down the road.

The two exercises I got from one of my mentor was to’ll go over the sound of your day(or what you’ll do in each day at your job or nothing, as my work is constructive (not counterproductive!) and all I do is jobs out, so I am doing this way of course.

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