History of Miami

history of miami

So, you may be coming online to figure some things out, and maybe your coming for answers for a specific reason. You are here because you want to know more about Miami, and the history that makes it the amazing place it is today. 

You could be looking for these histories and answers because your a student of some sort and need to get and need to finish an assignment. Maybe you are going to be visiting the city soon, and want to know some more about why your spending so much coming by. Maybe you’re actually moving to the city and want to get to know your new home better. 

Whatever the reason is for you to be searching for these answers, and whatever you may be using it for, you have come for the answers and we can provide them to you for nothing except the satisfaction of knowing we helped educate you. 

The history of this amazingly youthful city is tremendous, full of hope, loss, love, and overall life. Miami is one of the youngest cities intone United States, and yet they have made such history here, that it will not be forgotten for the next three hundred  centuries. 

Of course, the history is amazing in regards to Miami, but as we said, it’s a shorter adventure in comparison to the others in the United States, or the world in general. So, this won’t be too hard to keep your. Attention as it is extremely short, and yet so incredibly thrilling that you won’t want to stop reading until you finally get to the point in history of which you live in. 

So, to make sure that you have the patience necessary to keep reading until the end and actually get the full amount of information that you came for, we are going to try and limit the events to what is most important and relevant to the development to the city, or of course, anything of note worthiness that should be put into this analyze. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and a lysis of the history of Miami

Ten Thousand Years Ago 

The official beginning of Miami began right before the beginning of the 1900’s. The unofficial beginning though was much, much farther down the line than most people would think. 

Ten thousand years ago, a small settlement of Paleo-Indians lived on the edge of the south Biscayne Bay, which in modern day times, is right near the Charles Deering Estate. Scrolling through the history though, for times sake, tons of different Indian tribes came and went from this land, making it there home and abandoning it. They kept doing this until a sudden appearance came into view. 

The Spanish Armada landed in St. Augustine FL, and moved throughout the land named after beautiful flowers. They came to settle into the land that would one day be the city of Miami. They were able to hold this land for over two hundred and fifty years, working the ground, building the land up to what it would one day be. 

Later, in there second colonization, they started opening their borders up, trying to encourage others to come by and help build the economy that they wanted to start. Even then, all the way back in the 1800’s, Florida still got tourists. 

Now, richer families at the time, accepted a few offers from the Spanish and started making lush farmland to work on, the land that was right next to the Miami river, making it a lot better with all of their efforts. 

Then, in 1821, the Spanish decided to cut their losses, knowing that Florida was a lost cause to them , and sold Florida to the United States for only five million dollars. Almost a year after the United States welcomed Florida into their fold, Florida became a territory, and began its long winded track of becoming a proper state. 

The First and Second Seminole Wars 

The Seminole wars in the United States where some of the bloodiest for America. Hundreds of Indians died in the United States efforts to relocate the Indians to other areas. These wars were absolutely terrible and should not have taken place, but they happened and they devolved the Florida that we know today, so take heart in the fact that what happened then made us into what we are today. 

Only the richest families stayed on what was going to be Miami’s land. Everyone else had been driven away for some reason or another. Some lost money in there time because of the wars, others where scared, and wanted to be sage, others found that the wars would make them go bankrupt in a place like Florida, so left. Florida, and Miami, where without question one of the United States very last frontiers. 

As the war wheeled and started to slow down though, things started to change things became easier and it would all boil down to a few key fact about what was going on in the soon to be city and state. It really only had to take time, like food heating up in a microwave, it just needed a little bit of time to make itself known and good to the world. The Seminole wars were bad, but with the bad comes character, and like the cooked food that we are, Florida, and Miami, and the United States learned and grew better from it. 

Miami’s Official Coronation 

Like we said the Seminole wars soon ended ad in the place of the horrible tragedies that occurred because it, the birthplace of an amazing city came to be. This is the moment that would make what we know as Miami today, the city of beauty, culture, and life for everyone who should visit it, and hopefully decide to live in. 

Many rich folks came into the land of Miami and made tons of predictions on how it would soon be a sprawling utopia of trade and commerce do to its close location to other continents, and being a middle man for the United States, in an essence. Of course, having tons of rich people coming into a bit of land, with an aim to be developing it, would of course help Miami in all the correct ways. 

Innovations soon began to occur all over the soon to be city, people celebrated and made sure to make it known that they where an amazing people living in an amazing town ready to be taken seriously by the rest of Florida, the United States, a den the world. A good example of some of those innovations would be the first train to arrive in the land. In 1896, the very first train came into port, making everyone celebrate, it was a joyous occasion, they now had an official way to transport between other states. 

More importantly, only a short while later, again, in 1896, in the town hall of the county, tons of people packed in ready to vote on a very important matter. The vote for Miami to become an official city. The majority of the sane people in the town voted for the city to become an official city of the state, again causing much celebration. 

Towns, and resorts, and mansions, and homes started popping up all over the place. Miami was getting packed and everyone loved it. Al the hard work that they put into making the city what it is was finally paying off. 

Of course there were some setbacks in return for the territory becoming a city. Things where not all fine and dandy when it came to a few certain things. For example a giant fire spread through the city once, making dozens of buildings collapse and crush themselves in there essence. 

Violent people began to spread across the city like a sickness, making crime rates of the time go from nearly nothing to a record breaking number. Troubles like these always keep the city from its full potential and will in time be dealt with. 

Of course, the city of Miami didn’t let any of these setbacks and problems stop them from progressing, they soldiered on and made there city a better place for tomorrow. Tons of projects where popping up every year, every month even, making the progression of the town extremely fast. Developments kept coming and was not slowing down in the least. Nothing was stopping Miami from reaching its destiny of becoming one of the greatest cities in the world. 

Modern Day Miami 

Now there where tons of events and other things of importance that came up in the time the city grew from the point we just ended on and into the modern day Miami that we have all come to love and enjoy and visit, but none of them where of too much importance so had to be left out. So, if you want to go hear about those specific events, it’s only a short search away. 

Anyway, from the point that they where at, tons of minor and large events started cropping up, movements and inspirations that struck Florida, and Miami hard. It helped the development of the city in such unforeseen ways, ways that nobody in the world could have quested would happen beyond the basic idea that it would be a sprawling metropolis one day. 

The first flight in Miami took place in that time period, like when the first train rolled in, people where elated and excited beyond belief, another giant advancement had taken place. The land boom, tons of land became available and filled up quickly, making the development in the town flourish, the new source of encore making Miami expand exponentially was insanely good for everyone who was ever involved. 

War world one and two happened in that time period, neither of which was good for Miami, Florida, and the world. It made things harder for everyone, making everything stagnate, even fall beyond in some aspects, but it didn’t stop any of the brave people who lived there from getting back up again. They reached out to others, began building what they had lost, and made sure to never repeat the same mistakes that they had before. 

Now in the modern times, theme parks, beaches, and happy tourists are everything and in part get a lot of advertising due to Miami SEO Services. Those simple things are the lifeblood of the cities income, and the income of the state in general. The culture, food, and amazing things that you experience in your day to day life here, or in a visit is because of all the things that happened before and nothing can take away from the satisfaction of the accomplishments that they achieved because of it. 

The Conclusion 

That was the entire history of Miami and the amazing things that they were able to do in there short, but stunning history. The people of the past where able to make such amazing advancements for the future children that would live there that it is almost mind boggling to think about. Everything that they did was for the betterment of the city and the state in general with all their actions. 

We talked about the Indians that lived there ten thousand years ago, to the Spanish that settled there twice, to the rich folk that came in when the United States bought it, to both War World one and World War Two, and all the way up to our point in modern times, the times that we are experiencing today in Miami thanks to them and their efforts of making things run so smoothly and efficiently. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about the amazing city that we live in, and the rich history that is possess and the inspirational story that it gives to all the people that hear it. We hope that you were able to learn everything that you needed during this deep dive analysis of the historic events that took place, from up until ten thousand years ago, and we do so hope that you had some fun along the way.

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